Review of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG): Worthy Popularity! #PART3

Need Improvement!

Of course, despite all the things that he has offered in version 1.0 a week ago, PUBG itself is still not perfect. The good news? At least from the last few updates offered, the developer seems to understand this. They understand that this is a momentum of success that they should not underestimate. There is a ball of hull that they have to maintain on the field, requiring them to never touch the ground, whatever happens. Continuously monitoring the problem, presenting updates to patch, and also promising ongoing support in the coming years indeed strengthens the wave of optimism, that at least until there are more fantastic battle-royale games in the future, PUBG will last for a very long time.

So far, they have indeed done a fantastic task. Better optimization feels significant compared to when in the Early Access period, complete with visual enhancements that also look much more modern and spoil the eye, especially from the existing lighting effects. But it must be admitted, there are still many problems that still need to be dealt with seriously. Even though we ourselves never met in person, the reports on cheaters and bots continued to appear, threatening the fun of playing gamers who had dedicated their time to this one game. Active actions have indeed been taken, but not enough. The server problem that still appears at peak hours is understandable, but it can’t be ignored. Following the popularity and the money that keeps flowing in, PUBG has a hard job.

But for us personally, if you have to choose one thing that still interferes with the game is a hitbox problem that seems to still not be consistent. That taking into account physics and distance though, the bullets coming out of your muzzle can end up not producing any damage for no apparent reason. Even though you have clearly placed this target behind aiming at your weapon with dozens of bullets sliding in a fraction of a second. Sometimes finding them safe and instead turning around to kill you is a pretty annoying experience. The need to simplify the user-interface for faster inventory settings is also needed, given the various situations that require you to react and act effectively in seconds.

Apart from these problems, seeing the commitment shown by Bluehole Studio, we ourselves believe that this one studio will not be enough “crazy” to leave the PUBG just like that. Improvements and improvements in the future seem to be a sure thing. What becomes the question now is what kind of profit-making method they will apply later, especially considering that the final version release price that is maintained is the same as the comparatively affordable Early Access version. Will they sell Lootbox containing cosmetic items like DOTA 2 or Overwatch? Or are we going to face a system of paid seasons like Rainbow Six: Siege? Let’s just wait.


So apart from all the imperfections that he is still carrying out, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds indeed deserves to appear as one of the phenomenal games in 2017. That all the fantastic statistics that he managed to present throughout the year is the result of a combination of solid elements as an online multiplayer game, not just a matter of hype. A straightforward action game that asks you to survive and survive, in situations of combat that are never the same, with a system of punishment that is so minimal, addictive gameplay, a lootbox system that only contains cosmetic items, and update support that is consistently present. Reinforced at an affordable price, it’s like a temptation to keep calling your wallet to not just glance, but jump out and go into Steam to make it part of your game library in the end. He is a hype that is indeed commensurate.

However, PUBG remains an imperfect game. It will end up being a product that continues to evolve for Bluehole Studio to continue to be improved and developed in the future. But for now, there are some issues that are indeed worth discussing, from the unpreparedness of the server during rush hour, the problem of cheaters that still continues to dominate the discussion, until what we feel directly – hitbox is still not reliable. There is a significant problem on the content side, which is currently still limited, although potentially, it can continue to be developed to become a variety of extra-fantastic content, from just items to new gameplay modes.

At an affordable price for a super popular game and able to offer gameplay times from hundreds to thousands of hours without being easily repetitive, there is no reason not to glance at phenomenal games with this amazing multiplayer experience. Hopefully Bluehole Studio will consistently maintain this momentum by continuing to involve the community for feedback itself.


Fantastic audio design
An exciting and thrilling multiplayer experience
Need a strategy to win
Lootbox only contains cosmetic items
The price is quite affordable
Easy to master even beginner gamers


There are still technical problems
Need a more accurate hitbox
Suitable for gamers: those who have a reliable internet connection, need an addictive multiplayer game

Not suitable for gamers: those who want a realistic shooter experience, are not happy with open battles in large areas

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