Review of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG): Worthy Popularity! #PART2


The question is of course one, why is this game so popular? PUBG is actually not the first game to apply the genre of battle-royale. There are many other popular games that try to enter the same market, such as The Culling for example, but end up sinking quickly after reaching a high level of popularity quickly. After diving through a few hours of gameplay that has not ended in victory until now, there are several things that we think contribute to this sensation of addiction. First? Of course because he is a multiplayer game that contains 100 people at the same time, in a wide arena. That not only the concept of the open world opens up opportunities for so many strategies and movements, but because the battle scenario of 100 people will never produce one experience from one battle to another. What you get, like many other competitive multiplayer games, is a game that never feels the same, no matter how many times you try.

Bluehole Studio also makes this game have a reward mechanism that feels more valuable than the punishment you have to endure. The only punishment you have to “end up” after death is shame and regret because you are not careful, that’s all. You can go directly to the main Lobby (either solo or Squad) or watch your friends’ actions and talk (Duo / Squad) after being killed. If you want to proceed directly to the next match which is now supported by servers for various regions to ensure a faster and more solid multiplayer experience, you can do it. And during this process, no matter how bad your performance, you will still be “rewarded” with a number of in-game currencies that can be used to buy a lootbox containing various cosmetic items that can be used. The good news? Bluehole is also quite “generous” in distributing the lootbox.

The presence of 1.0 feature also adds a few extra functions that indeed make this experience even more interesting. First? Is Death Cam. No longer having to mess around with feeling curious about how you ended up dead and who actually took your life, “Death Cam” will show the action clearly. For those of you who want to record it for example, this game also provides a Replay feature that will automatically record your last moment for you to download.

But above all these facts, is the feeling that you always have room to grow and learn from your mistakes that make you want to go back to PUBG. That there is so much space to apply various strategies, learn to control the bullet path that you shoot, learn more effectively to collect the loot at the beginning, learn to determine the timing when to run or wait, or just want to test your drop fortune in the next battle. With minimal punishment systems and high rewards, there is no reason to keep plunging back, back and back. And so far, it has ended up being an effective strategy.

Fantastic Audio Design

If there is one thing that according to us deserves its own thumbs up and often fails to be talked about by many people, one of the attractions of PUBG is its fantastic audio design. Like most games, many gamers may be more tempted to talk about the implementation of Unreal Engine 4 as a base that indeed feels more optimal in the final version – 1.0 when compared to the Early Access version, for example. In fact, audio plays an important role in this game.

As a competitive multiplayer game that carries a massive arena without a clear clue where your opponents move, hide and act, for example, audio is the only clue you can use. Although the accuracy of gun sounds may be questioned by some gamers, these sounds become a kind of marker and reminder, as well as a clue for you to take the next maneuver. From just hearing the sound of shots and vehicles in the distance to getting an idea of ​​the source of a potential threat, and then deciding whether you should react or not, to just the sound of footsteps in one house that can clearly help you prepare for the enemy. Hearing and noticing the sounds that appear throughout the game will help you survive.

So from it, too, a sensation that you rarely find in multiplayer-based action games surfaces. A situation where silence will make you hear more clearly the source of the sound and also the potential to react more quickly, resulting in an atmosphere of tension that will be consistently present. You will automatically try to stand up and move as quietly as possible to make sure this audio clue is not overlooked or just overlooked, and ends up being one of the reasons why you lose. When the silence arrives, when you can feel how your chest tries to breathe as carefully as possible in order to pay attention to the potential threat that comes, when it is also PUBG audio design steal your heart.

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