Review of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG): Worthy Popularity! #PART1

When this review was written, it was almost impossible if you had never heard of the name Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds before, regardless of whether you have tasted it or not. How come? For the past half year, it has indeed become one of the hottest ingredients of conversation ever. An actual game that doesn’t carry a concept that is arguably truly revolutionary, is still in the Early-Access stage, but continues to get unstoppable attention and popularity. Many feel that the fact that it is one of the “favorite” games of many giant Youtubers contributes significantly to this, even though that is not the only reason. Addictive and solid gameplay for an unfinished game is also an effective driving wheel.

So slowly but surely, the game which is also often referred to as “PUBG” also emerged as a new king in Valve – Steam’s digital distribution portal. Starting from successfully attracting the attention of tens of millions of gamers to subdue the DOTA 2 and CS: GO class games as the game with the highest number of players together with a sharp enough difference. One thing that deserves a thumbs up is the commitment of the developer – Bluehole Studio to ensure this momentum does not stop and ends in failure, like many Early Access games in the past that also passed the same phase. Working hard by perfecting various features and injecting new maps to be enjoyed, PUBG finally officially released from the beta period a few days ago. Through a 12 GB “giant” update, he finally entered the final version. The same version that finally made us, JagatPlay, finally able to talk about this one game.

So, what is actually offered by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds? Why do we call it a game with equal popularity? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

What is PUBG?

This may be the question that arises in the minds of many gamers who do not feel interested in tasting the South Korean developer concoction game, despite its unstoppable popularity. In simple terms, PUBG is a competitive multiplayer game that makes “Battle-Royale” the main genre. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Battle-Royale itself was a popular classic Japanese film in 2000, which was adapted from a 1999 novel. He told of a group of young people who were placed on a remote island by the government with one main purpose – asking they fight to death with each other. Each of them got a random supply box containing weapons. And over time, the area of ​​”fighting” has also been reduced to ensure that these teenagers meet each other and kill each other. Battle-Royale became a classic series that seemed to be unfamiliar with many gamers growing up in the 2000s.

Of course, this is not Battle-Royale which is automatically adapted by Bluehole Studio just like that. What they offer here is a new competitive multiplayer game series that carries a similar concept in gameplay, which believes it or not is something that has tried to be adapted in the past, but has never succeeded. PUBG contains a battle of 100 people simultaneously in a large area, all of which come without any supplies. Each of them must strengthen and arm themselves with whatever they find in the arena, from just a frying pan for melee weapons, body armor to hold a bit of bullet speed, to heavy caliber firearms. Sometimes, you can also find water or land vehicles for extra mobility. Next? Like the film version that became its inspiration base, this game ended straightforward. You “only” need to endure to the end, and become the only survivor in the midst of this ferocious battle. There aren’t many opportunities to hide in just one place, because the area where you can move will also continue to be reduced as time goes by. What you find is a big arena that will continue to force you to deal with each other.

Straightforward, there is nothing more offered by PUBG besides this one sensation. The complexity factor of course will increase according to the mode you choose. Besides playing in Solo, you can also play in Duo format (2 people) and also Squad (4 people), either randomly or by inviting friends from your Friend List. Playing in a cooperative format like this is indeed more difficult, not only because your opponents will now move in a specific strategy format, but also the fact that you now have to think more than just your own safety. Do you have to share resources? Do you have to move together now? Do you need to surround the other team before your eyes using certain tactics? In fact, the smallest thing like where you jumped at the beginning also needed separate coordination. Playing this mode together with friends you already know rather than random will indeed make the playing experience more exciting and intense.

After several months of Early Access, switching to version 1.0 does offer maps and new features. One of the most essential new features is the ability to jump over existing obstacles through simple actions, after previously having to be done manually. On paper, it may sound insignificant, but when fighting in the arena, you will be able to feel how important this new feature is. For starters? With this function, you can now jump over building windows and enter the room for strategic reasons or just for surprise. This opens up so many alternative options that make the “campers” in the house for example, no longer able to stay still and sit guarding the entrance / exit only. More consistent and faster movement also allows movement to be more effective.

So this is PUBG, a competitive multiplayer game, which can be played solo or in groups, where you have to struggle to survive as long as possible in the arena. Randomness is still something that plays an important role here because you can end up lucky to get a series of weapons and essential equipment when you first fall, or end up unlucky and find nothing, making you like a prey waiting to be torn to pieces. But the innocence of the no-nonsense gameplay offered by PUBG is one of its main strengths.

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