Red Dead Redemption 2 Review: High Quality Simulation! #Part4


The hype is paid sweetly, there is no more appropriate word to explain what was successfully offered by Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games once again proved why they are one of the best open-world game developers on the market today. Red Dead Redemption 2 and all its appeal are testimonials about the uncompromising hard work, commitment and quality they offer. Surprisingly, it is an open-world game at a slow pace. But the slow rhythm of the game is actually a source of appreciation for all the fascinating details injected by Rockstar here, from just a horse testicle that shrinks to full-detail content that you can end up missing. Gameplay design, a rich world, music, visuals, lighting, stories, until the characters grow to merge into a video game that is currently installing a new high standard that will continue to be a comparative material for the next competitor’s products. And certainly, it will not be easy to surpass.

But of course, there are some shortcomings that deserve to be noted from this Red Dead Redemption 2. In addition to the problem of the empty epilogue problem, the not-so-important camp features, the priority of button input that still often ends up making you do nothing wrong, until the clunky movement system, Red Dead Redemption 2 also has another problem – tutorial. Explaining the problem as complex as Cores and Bars, which of course is confusing, ends up being a statement just passing by. Would it be much better if the first few hours of RDR 2 which had actually been positioned as “Tutorial” better explain everything, than just explaining what the camp system is and how important they are, the option of robbing anywhere, how to hide identity more effectively , to explain how to solve the problem of Cores and Bars as the most important element. Doing everything from the trial & error process is certainly not effective.

Apart from these shortcomings, Red Dead Redemption 2 ends not only as an extraordinary game from all elements of execution, but also grows with a unique and different approach than most products, even those born from even the hands of Rockstar Games. Calling it one of the strongest candidates for Game of the Year is indeed not an excessive statement. There is no reason not to glance at this one masterpiece.


  • Visual presentation, especially from the lighting side
  • Natural voice acting
  • Characters that are multi-dimensional and grow
  • So many awesome details
  • Interesting random event
  • An inspiring main story
  • Full gore content that strengthens the taste of the wild western world
  • Beautiful world design
  • Option system + actions and consequences, complete with story branches
  • There are many innovative features that other open-world games deserve to be studied
  • The interaction between the NPCs at the camp feels alive


  • The Camp system doesn’t feel significant
  • Control feels awkward in some situations
  • Need a better tutorial to explain complex mechanics
  • There is no priority input button that ends up making you do something you don’t want to do
  • Some moments of choice seem to come with too clear black – white options

Suitable for gamers: those who love the Red Dead Redemption 1 series, want open-world games with strong stories

Not suitable for gamers: not happy with slow pace games, expecting Brokeback Mountain cowboy stories

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