Red Dead Redemption 2 Review: High Quality Simulation! #Part2

Awesome Details

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that looks stunning in terms of presentation, visual or audio. As you know, there are many claims about details like what they injected here and believe it or not, most of them are tested correctly, including for horse testicular problems that come shrinking when the weather drops so cold for example. There are many things that deserve to be admired and appreciated from what Rockstar achieved with Red Dead Redemption 2.

In terms of visualization, he looks so charming. But the best part seems to lie in the use of lighting effects that feel so special. You can see that Rockstar is paying great attention to this one business. From the soft light that penetrates the thick leaves in the trees, the colors and atmosphere that are so dramatic at sunset, or the most special – when you visit one of the cities, St. Denis at night. Being a modern city that has begun to enter electricity, the lights in the middle of the night mist Denis showed the lighting details that were truly charming. The part of light that hits your body gives extra attention to the texture of clothing, with shadows that also appear right. He looks to spoil his eyes here.

One of the things we like is the way Red Dead Redemption 2 handles the skybox. That it is not just to build the right atmosphere and create the illusion of a living world, you can read about the weather like what will come just from seeing the shape of the cloud. You can see heavy rain with thunder from a super black cloud which usually moves slowly in the air. Thin clouds when bright sunlight makes you not have to worry like this. The animation when lightning strikes also seems to reinforce the impression that you are indeed in a wild western world.

One amazing thing about Red Dead Redemption 2 is the fact that there are many charming details that he offers, both in terms of audio and visual presentations that you can end up missing if you don’t take the time to enjoy them. As an example? Theater performances, for example, whether on stage or film at that time. Rockstar prepares some show content, especially at St. Denis, which involves singers, lyrics, and motion capture processes that deserve thumbs up. The black and white silent film that had just emerged as new technology in its time also turned out to be some interesting content to listen to. The diversity and quality of each content that actually can lead to being ignored by us, gamers, indeed deserves to invite its own appreciation.

In terms of visual presentation, Red Dead Redemption 2 does not need to be doubted anymore. To achieve the level of simulation needed, they inject so many animations that make it to a higher level of realism than open-world games that we have known so far. From just animation riding horses at various running speeds, skinning various types of animals which of course have different sizes, to just a small interaction of the environment such as exposure to the wind which shakes the leaves of trees or mud attached to Arthur’s body as he fights on the ground wet. These little things accumulate to concoct a game that is visually charming. Moreover, there are so many fantastic sights that you can enjoy through mountains, trees, and waterfalls that you find.

The world offered by Red Dead Redemption 2 is indeed a separate power. When they boast about the ecosystem they are preparing for him, it ends up not being mere nonsense. From various sizes, as small as skunks to the size of black bears, the threat does not only arise from the attacks of other factions who are not happy with Dutch Gang alone. Not only mammals, you will also find other species from birds, amphibians, reptiles, even giant snakes. Every one of them you can kill, skin, or just cook into food. The same variant also occurs in plants. Cool again? These animals are not static.

Nocturnal animals will be active at night, sound and howl as they should, creating a situation that is enough to make you worry. You also sometimes see predatory animals that hunt prey or just fight with each other. Rockstar even injected an animated battle between two male deer with horns stuck to create the sensation of the super realistic world.

Without compromise, as they always succeed in offering in all the open-world games they form, the quality of voice acting for all characters is worth the thumbs up. It’s crazy, considering you can interact with almost all existing NPC characters, each of them has a certain audio response even though it’s limited. While for characters who have big roles, antagonists or protagonists, present with charming voice acting. We fell in love with the fact that the Dutch’s Gang itself is multi-cultural so you can get different English accents in it, which of course is well presented. From Charles who had Indian blood, Hosea who sounded vulnerable and wise, to Sean – an Irishman who was drunk. Intonation, choice of sentences, until the dialogue that is born feels natural to the point that you feel like you are enjoying a movie.

What is more fantastic in terms of audio? Is how Rockstar also injects so much music and songs here. For those who float behind the scenes to strengthen cinematic sensations in some scenes that are formulated dramatically, to just “entertainment” songs sung by members of the Dutch’s Gang in camp when the party atmosphere occurs or because it is just drunk. Songs about revolutionary wars or just romance according to their standards are beautiful. But as we talked about before, considering that it has never been content that “must” be enjoyed, appreciation will grow according to how much you are interested in joining these NPCs. While for background songs that are injected in certain scenes? The quantity and quality is of course better than the first series.

So with all the things he offers here, it is very easy to conclude that the presentation offered by Red Dead Redemption 2 for visual and audio business is not only charming, but also stands high above the standards of many games, including those with even AAA levels. The details that he stretched out in many small things that gamers could just pass up seemed to be testimonials about hard work and how much attention they devoted to this one open-world game.

Hidup Seorang Koboi

Before we explore the depth of content that makes us choose the sub-titles above, it is certainly more rational to talk about what aspects of gameplay are offered by Red Dead Redemption 2. In essence, he still carries the concept of open-world games that you have known all along. This super wide world will present several icons to show you what you can complete or do to just deepen the story or push the progress of the game itself. The yellow icon means the main mission while the white icon means a side mission. All other icons will be related if they are not activities, will eventually become a particular store or service that you can access.

Those of you who have played the first Red Dead Redemption will not feel familiar with the essence of the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur Morgan shared skills and abilities similar to John Marston. With most disputes to be resolved by fighting firearms, you will be provided with various weaponry options from classic revolvers, repeaters, sniper rifles, to shotguns that will easily mutilate your enemies. You will also be equipped with Dead Eye capabilities that allow you to slow down time, set targets, and then allow selected weapons to pop their bullets. As predicted, Dead Eye will be the solution to many of the complicated situations you face, especially when you have to fight on horses or fast-moving trains.

One of the things that changed was the bar system which is now more complex than the first series. Instead of just a line, RDR 2 divides Arthur’s survival elements into two broad categories: Cores and Bars which are divided into three things – Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye itself. Cores that are logos in a circle represent the speed and effectiveness of regenerating each element, while Bars are resources that will run out and decrease every time you use each of these things. If Cores runs out, regeneration stops, then the Bars are not full by itself and will end up fatal for you. If the bars run out, as long as you don’t push them further and let the regeneration process run, then you will be fine. Outside of Dead Eye, the same thing happens for your horse.

It’s quite dizzying at the start of the game and you will begin to understand as the game progresses, this system also encourages you to actively carry out side activities for Arthur Morgan himself to simulate his life as a human cowboy. To meet Cores, for example, you can use the range of foods and drinks you find. You can also use the animal you just hunted and cook it in a campfire to restore it. Or you can rest, take advantage of baths in the city, or just pay a little money to make use of existing motels. Keeping these Cores and Bars will encourage you to mix “life and normal activities” for an Arthur Morgan.

The rest of course completes side and main missions that exist. But there is one element that will play a significant role here, namely money. Since money is the main storyline of RDR 2 and often serves as a reward for some of the main missions that you complete, you do need this resource to do many things, from buying and upgrading weapons, buying the best horse in stable, ensuring the number of bullets is always maintained, to finally pay your own Bounty head so that your life is calmer and endless continue to be hunted by bounty hunters. Money becomes a limited resource that will end up keeping you busy with various other activities.

Rockstar opens up so many options and freedoms for you to gain money and of course, while making it an extra busy activity outside just completing the main mission or side. There are many things you can do, from robbing wagons, hijacking and selling them, catching wild horses and taking them to the nearest stable, robbing any shops you find in the city, robbing trains that cross so many cities. There is an option to use a face cover that can help you hide your identity for a while until you will not reap a higher bounty. But remember, if you forget to take it off and take a walk in the city by using it, you will actually trigger suspicion from the local people. Deciding whether you have to take the risk of committing this crime for extra money is a dilemma that you must face while tasting RDR 2.

Because on the one hand, this game also introduces a Moral System that will affect the ending of the story like what you get. You can act as an outlaw who doesn’t respect life at all, but can also act as an outlaw who is kind and peaceful. This option is always available, considering that instead of killing, for example, you can use your lasso to catch and bind any lay person who blocks your crime. The good news? This system itself is fairly fair considering that morality will not decrease if you end up blowing up the heads of other people who really deserve to die, such as when saving the NPC from robbery or murder by bandits, for example. Determining whether reducing moral values ​​is appropriate for whatever robbery you do in the name of money also grows to be a consistent dilemma in RDR 2.

In the end, it does feel like a role-playing game. Not only through the moral system, but also through a system of response options for various existing scenarios. Which of course, will determine the moral value or story like what you get / miss. There are many critical moments where you have to choose one of the two available options and end up bearing whatever consequences you reap from it. Not all of these moments will produce a branch of story indeed, but at least enough to build Arthur’s “character” like what you want to form. Unfortunately, many moments like this lead to choices with overly clear black and white positions, such as when you have to choose between money or save your friend’s life, for example. Even though RDR 2 has a stronger potential to present stories and actions – memorable consequences if many of these choices are in the dilemmatic gray domain.

The rest? You can do various other activities that are not determined by the icon, main mission, or side mission. You can fish and try to get legendary fish, hunt legendary animals that only live in certain locations, just hunt animals and look for their skin for the crafting process or just get extra money, look for cards from cigarette packs or dinosaur bones to certain NPC characters, to look for bandit headquarters and clear all of them. In addition to the ability of Dead Eye, Arthur Morgan is also equipped with the ability called Eagle Eye which allows him to see traces of animals and plants which can be used to make Tonic or complementary dishes.

Since you are acting as a Dutch right hand man who in fact makes other gang members stand under your responsibility, you also have to contribute to ensuring that each of them lives properly, even though they are consistently on the run. This is where the new RDR 2 system – Camp moves. In essence, Camp needs three resources to “survive” – ​​food, bullets, and healing items. But surprisingly, it is not what you expect. We departed thinking that this Camp was a “burden” and failure to provide each of these resources would have killed one of its members. But unfortunately, it wasn’t that deep.

Camp ends up being a “provider” of resources for you. Food ingredients for example are related to the ability of Pearson to be able to cook the mainstay soup for other Camp members. The main purpose of this soup is actually that you can eat it as an item of healing Cores and outside bars just to rest. The bullet system and healing items are the same, because instead of being used actively by Camp members, he will have more role to provide both of these resources to be used by you. It’s a bit misleading at first, but you will understand that none of these are urgent as your game progresses.

Together with the money collected by Arthur Morgan during his trip, he can also contribute to adding shared money to Camp. The money can be used to present new features or make Camp feel more comfortable. You can upgrade Arthur’s “rooms” to present the Fast Travel system, bring extra docks to access the boat wherever you want, make a leather working place for Pearson to mix certain items, to just make the tents of other team members more comfortable. As far as we know and taste, there are no super negative consequences that can occur if you “ignore” Camp just like that. It’s just that you cannot reap a variety of positive benefits if you happen to come back and rest there.

In terms of gameplay, Red Dead Redemption 2 has not revolutionized much of what you know from open-world games so far. He carries a mechanical base that feels familiar with most open-world games, but now with a rich world. So what really makes it special? The key word – simulation.

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