DOTA 2 Review: A More Perfect Version! #Part3

What Is Worth Expecting in the Future?

Even though Valve has officially released the DOTA 2 open beta and started releasing it publicly for any interested gamers, this does not mean you will find a final version that will no longer be contested in the future. Valve and IceFrog will consistently improve it from various sides. Integration with Steam will make things easier. No longer having to look for the latest update files like in the first series, Steam will automatically update every time Valve injects the latest patches in it. So what is worth anticipating from this series?

Even though he has released the open beta, Valve still hasn’t injected all the mainstay heroes from the first DOTA series. There are still so many heroes that have not been adapted in this latest series and it seems that they will only be present in the next few months, including iconic figures such as Teechies and Terrorblade. The number of items is more massive and of course the more announcer variants also seem to be injected. One is certain, seeing the habits shown during the beta period of one year, IceFrog will consistently carry out a better balancing process to ensure that each hero does not appear too dominant compared to the others.


One year since its inception, Valve showed their consistency in continuing to make DOTA 2 better than the previous period. Regular updates, visual and design overhaul for several characters, so that the commitment not to fall on the “Pay to Win” system has made this one MOBA game grow so massive, that it can capture millions of gamers around the world. Apart from the pessimism that had been shown at the beginning of its birth, DOTA 2 continues to perfect itself, even today. Balancing that continues to be spawned through various patches and item variants that now cover more characters, DOTA 2 has also succeeded in gaining popularity through a series of international tournaments that have become the lifeblood of this one game.

However there are some disadvantages that are worth noting. The process of adapting some iconic heroes that feels so slow makes the first DOTA veteran gamers have to be faced with more limited alternative choices. Not only that, Valve’s reward and punishment system also proved to be less effective in creating a healthier and friendlier community for newcomers. Another thing that is quite unfortunate is also located in the treasure lock mechanism that cannot be obtained only from battle. Throw so many chests into your loot without the chance to get a key besides buying it directly at the shop? These crates are like no rubbish of any value.

One year of beta with various adjustments does make DOTA 2 look more perfect. Consistency to progress and adapt to the wants and needs of gamers makes it one of the exciting MOBA – especially considering the fact that Steam and its community are counted in large numbers. Need a free competitive game? DOTA 2 can be an alternative choice that is too dear to miss.


  • A more refined visualization
  • Interaction between characters in the game
  • Consistency of patches and balancing from Valve and IceFrog
  • Set of items that can be obtained from battle
  • The opportunity to enjoy big tournaments live
  • The design of the hero offered
  • Voice acts for each unique character


  • The process of adapting some old heroes that are too long
  • Reward and punishment systems that are less effective
  • Key treasure chests that must be bought with real money
  • Folder settings without alternatives
  • Suitable for gamers: lovers of MOBA, veteran DOTA players, lovers of RPG action

Not suitable for gamers: owners of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 only, who are unhappy with competitive and rugged gameplay situations

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