Red Dead Redemption 2 Review: High Quality Simulation! #Part4


The hype is paid sweetly, there is no more appropriate word to explain what was successfully offered by Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games once again proved why they are one of the best open-world game developers on the market today. Red Dead Redemption 2 and all its appeal are testimonials about the uncompromising hard work, commitment and quality they offer. Surprisingly, it is an open-world game at a slow pace. But the slow rhythm of the game is actually a source of appreciation for all the fascinating details injected by Rockstar here, from just a horse testicle that shrinks to full-detail content that you can end up missing. Gameplay design, a rich world, music, visuals, lighting, stories, until the characters grow to merge into a video game that is currently installing a new high standard that will continue to be a comparative material for the next competitor’s products. And certainly, it will not be easy to surpass.

But of course, there are some shortcomings that deserve to be noted from this Red Dead Redemption 2. In addition to the problem of the empty epilogue problem, the not-so-important camp features, the priority of button input that still often ends up making you do nothing wrong, until the clunky movement system, Red Dead Redemption 2 also has another problem – tutorial. Explaining the problem as complex as Cores and Bars, which of course is confusing, ends up being a statement just passing by. Would it be much better if the first few hours of RDR 2 which had actually been positioned as “Tutorial” better explain everything, than just explaining what the camp system is and how important they are, the option of robbing anywhere, how to hide identity more effectively , to explain how to solve the problem of Cores and Bars as the most important element. Doing everything from the trial & error process is certainly not effective.

Apart from these shortcomings, Red Dead Redemption 2 ends not only as an extraordinary game from all elements of execution, but also grows with a unique and different approach than most products, even those born from even the hands of Rockstar Games. Calling it one of the strongest candidates for Game of the Year is indeed not an excessive statement. There is no reason not to glance at this one masterpiece.


  • Visual presentation, especially from the lighting side
  • Natural voice acting
  • Characters that are multi-dimensional and grow
  • So many awesome details
  • Interesting random event
  • An inspiring main story
  • Full gore content that strengthens the taste of the wild western world
  • Beautiful world design
  • Option system + actions and consequences, complete with story branches
  • There are many innovative features that other open-world games deserve to be studied
  • The interaction between the NPCs at the camp feels alive


  • The Camp system doesn’t feel significant
  • Control feels awkward in some situations
  • Need a better tutorial to explain complex mechanics
  • There is no priority input button that ends up making you do something you don’t want to do
  • Some moments of choice seem to come with too clear black – white options

Suitable for gamers: those who love the Red Dead Redemption 1 series, want open-world games with strong stories

Not suitable for gamers: not happy with slow pace games, expecting Brokeback Mountain cowboy stories

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review: High Quality Simulation! #Part3

A simulation

Surprisingly, RDR 2 turned out to have a slow pace of play.
In contrast to many open-world games, including even GTA, which moves fast, cuts the animation process for various activities such as booting and harvesting things for example to allow gamers to do everything quickly and precisely, Rockstar Games positions Red Dead Redemption 2 in the direction vice versa. He surprisingly appeared as an open-world game at a slow pace. There is animation for everything, there is a distance that you have to travel to just move to where you want, there is an inventory management that you have to arrange with your horse. There are many “hassles” which in other open-game worlds might end up being cursed. But for Red Dead Redemption 2, all of these things move slowly to form a clear playing experience – a sensation of the real western world.

That the pace of a slow game with the distance of a fast travel icon that is far from each other or just an animation of skinning a game that cannot be passed by just like that might sound annoying. But once it is integrated with everything that Rockstar wants to offer here, it seems to reinforce the sensation that the life you are living here is the life of an supposed Arthur Morgan – the cowboy who happens to be the Dutch right hand. It is not just an open-world game that focuses on shooting action or running from one mission to another to be completed. The distance and time you need to spend on the road will strengthen your sense of appreciation in the world that you want to offer RDR 2. Not only from the visual or cinematic side, but also the lives of the NPCs, the busyness, and interactions that can arise from being robbed by Bandits to find other random events.

It’s hard to imagine that your sense of pleasure in tasting RDR 2 will be maximal if everything goes fast for example, like what Ubisoft did with AC Odyssey, which the process of looting and skinning is without animation. If you take a similar process, RDR 2 will not feel as realistic as Rockstar wants or what you feel immediately. Slow motion such as movement in the camp makes you have more time to see and pay attention to what’s happening around you, especially from existing NPC interactions. Through it, you can see how the NPCs talk, sometimes have conflicts following the story, or just relax together. This makes the world of RDR 2 feel more alive. You can sometimes even react and interfere for whatever happens. Now imagine how immersive the world and Arthur Morgan’s story would be if you could do fast travel as quickly as possible on the closest icon, skipping all these little details.

The good news? As we discussed earlier, Rockstar offers enough content to “accompany” you while enjoying the pace of slow gameplay, especially on the travel side. There are many random moments that will offer the opportunity to gain Moral Points by helping NPCs who suddenly ask for help, for example, being bitten by a snake or maybe being robbed by other bandits. Sometimes you find camp smoke soaring in the sky and your curiosity to visit them can lead to interaction, peace or aggression, which can lead to certain rewards. You can sometimes find a valuable Wagon or maybe a train that is “stranded” in the middle of the rail, which can end up tickling your instincts as a robber. There are lots of Red Dead Redemption 2 shining moments that actually flow from this slow pace.

Cool again? Sometimes the consequences of your actions not only reward you Moral Points. There are certain consequences that can arise depending on the choices you make. One of our favorites? Find someone who is cheering for help and dying because of a poisonous snake bite. On behalf of our conscience we help by giving it a Health Tonic that can neutralize the poison instantly. The NPC thanked you and we went with extra positive Moral Points as an award. But who would have thought that this “story” of the NPC did not stop there. The same NPC suddenly called us on a stop in the city and thanked him for the incident the other day. Instead, he is ready to pay for one of the items we choose, free from the nearest weapons shop. A “random story cover” that is satisfying in our eyes. Imagine if RDR 2 has a fast travel system that is close to each other or you can access it whenever you want. Will you be able to enjoy this moment?

This slow pace also provides space for Rockstar to inject a unique mechanism related to the relationship between Arthur and the horse (whose name is free for you to set yourself). Instead of making it as a mode of transportation that only takes you from point A to point B, there is a new layer of gameplay here. To make it feel personal, Rockstar injects a system of relations between Arthur and the horse that will grow along with the frequency that you take him to drive while taking care of him with extra food and caresses. The higher the level of your relationship, the more responsive the horse is to your call and the higher your trust in staying calm when you shoot. A high level of relationship also allows a variety of new actions to be executed.

The importance of horses here is designed to be slow but sure, to build an emotional connection with you as Arthur Morgan. Given that if they end up dead, you will end up trying to build closeness again from the start with a new horse. There will be encouragement to continue to maintain and ensure that they remain healthy and excellent as possible. Moreover, two of your heavy weapons slots, both from the Repeater, Rifle, or Shotgun groups will be stored in horses and you cannot carry them at will. Unfortunately, this is also a source of annoying problems where Arthur has an animation to save both of these weapons on horses automatically. Situations that sometimes make you suddenly take you into the main or side story battle with only armed Revolvers.

The slow pace offered by Red Dead Redemption 2 may not feel suitable for many gamers’ tastes, even for those who are classified as “Veteran” open-world games. But for those who understand, understand, and explore the reasons why designs like this are taken, there is a certain sense of appreciation there. Without such a pace and the effort to simulate Arthur Morgan’s life as well and as realistic as possible, there will be no appreciation of all the world details, interactions, and any content that Rockstar Games injects in it. Encourage it in the style of AC: Odyssey, for example, actually injures the sensation of playing it should.

Growing Character

It is impossible to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 without talking about the story he is carrying out. The story that according to us deserves a separate portion of the discussion without having to write spoilers of course. Character growth, of course, does not end with just the fact that Arthur’s hair and beard can extend and then you cut to a certain style.

As you already know, RDR 2 is a prequel of RDR 1. For gamers who have tasted RDR 1 and explored John Marston’s interactions with Dutch Gang members he found there, you seem to have understood how the end of the Dutch Gang story in RDR 2 will happen. Some of you may be curious about the fate of Arthur Morgan and why John Marston never talked about it in RDR 1, or maybe wanted to see what really happened with John and Dutch. Not all of these conditions will get an explicit answer indeed, but you will get the red thread you have been searching for.

With 100 hours / week for the script writing process, Rockstar Games deserves to be praised for the way they mix the Red Dead Redemption 2 story. It does not carry the GTA V three-character system for a variety of stories. You only meet Arthur Morgan as the only main protagonist in the main story. But what is offered here is character development that even exceeds a large budget action film. That every character you find in RDR 2 is not just a one-dimensional character. There is so much motivation, there are so many conflicts, there are so many situations that compel someone to make difficult decisions, there are many stories about loyalty, there are many stories about lies, and in the end – hypocrisy.

RDR 2 is indeed a story from the perspective of an Arthur Morgan. But the way that Rockstar Games mixes is to provide an opportunity for all the characters in Dutch Gang itself to have their own portion of the story, becoming a star for a different story. Good when you enjoy it in the main mission, side, or just an additional activity in the camp. Finding an open-world game that gives a large portion of side characters like this to grow and develop more complex personalities as the game progresses is a fantastic experience. There is a sense of pride, happiness, fear, and strong emotional attachment when this happens. Especially on several occasions you are also given the opportunity to react and deal with the consequences.

From seeing a figure like Sadie Adler who grew up from just a housewife whose family ended up being slaughtered, becoming a woman outlaw who could stand up to defend herself. Making a criminal head hunt or Dutch Gang action becomes a “job” that he enjoys. Seeing him grow from a weak figure to being strong at the end is something that is touching and frightening at the same time. Or take the example of another such as the moneylender figure in the alley – Leopold Strauss who collects a large waste of loan money to support the life of the Dutch’s Gang itself. Asking you to collect money and interest from one victim to another will make you face a dilemma of moral situations. Such conditions make you develop a moral standard for Arthur indirectly, but also know the figure of Strauss on the same occasion. You will also be able to enjoy character development from the figure of John Marston himself before he grows into a person you know in Red Dead Redemption 1.

Another thing that deserves praise is the characterization of every character who feels human. That each of them is not just a human who stands if not in black, then in white. Many characters grow in gray areas with their own imperfections. That there are many reasons why their personalities change, their motivations are extracted, why moral values ​​and what’s important are distorted from what you know at the beginning, and how you can see that shifting values ​​like this results in intense conflict. Combined with quality voice acting, you will enjoy and believe that a similar situation can occur in the world. The characters you love at the beginning, you can end up not loving at the end.

With the duration of the game tens of hours which is of course longer than similar Hollywood films on the market, Rockstar Games has the advantage and opportunity to change and mix these growth and change characteristics as detailed as possible. Shift moves slowly, rationally, and is understandable considering there are no time limits like in theaters. Combined with the slow pace of the game, you will fall in love with how each character is presented and then moves dynamically like a human being should.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review: High Quality Simulation! #Part2

Awesome Details

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that looks stunning in terms of presentation, visual or audio. As you know, there are many claims about details like what they injected here and believe it or not, most of them are tested correctly, including for horse testicular problems that come shrinking when the weather drops so cold for example. There are many things that deserve to be admired and appreciated from what Rockstar achieved with Red Dead Redemption 2.

In terms of visualization, he looks so charming. But the best part seems to lie in the use of lighting effects that feel so special. You can see that Rockstar is paying great attention to this one business. From the soft light that penetrates the thick leaves in the trees, the colors and atmosphere that are so dramatic at sunset, or the most special – when you visit one of the cities, St. Denis at night. Being a modern city that has begun to enter electricity, the lights in the middle of the night mist Denis showed the lighting details that were truly charming. The part of light that hits your body gives extra attention to the texture of clothing, with shadows that also appear right. He looks to spoil his eyes here.

One of the things we like is the way Red Dead Redemption 2 handles the skybox. That it is not just to build the right atmosphere and create the illusion of a living world, you can read about the weather like what will come just from seeing the shape of the cloud. You can see heavy rain with thunder from a super black cloud which usually moves slowly in the air. Thin clouds when bright sunlight makes you not have to worry like this. The animation when lightning strikes also seems to reinforce the impression that you are indeed in a wild western world.

One amazing thing about Red Dead Redemption 2 is the fact that there are many charming details that he offers, both in terms of audio and visual presentations that you can end up missing if you don’t take the time to enjoy them. As an example? Theater performances, for example, whether on stage or film at that time. Rockstar prepares some show content, especially at St. Denis, which involves singers, lyrics, and motion capture processes that deserve thumbs up. The black and white silent film that had just emerged as new technology in its time also turned out to be some interesting content to listen to. The diversity and quality of each content that actually can lead to being ignored by us, gamers, indeed deserves to invite its own appreciation.

In terms of visual presentation, Red Dead Redemption 2 does not need to be doubted anymore. To achieve the level of simulation needed, they inject so many animations that make it to a higher level of realism than open-world games that we have known so far. From just animation riding horses at various running speeds, skinning various types of animals which of course have different sizes, to just a small interaction of the environment such as exposure to the wind which shakes the leaves of trees or mud attached to Arthur’s body as he fights on the ground wet. These little things accumulate to concoct a game that is visually charming. Moreover, there are so many fantastic sights that you can enjoy through mountains, trees, and waterfalls that you find.

The world offered by Red Dead Redemption 2 is indeed a separate power. When they boast about the ecosystem they are preparing for him, it ends up not being mere nonsense. From various sizes, as small as skunks to the size of black bears, the threat does not only arise from the attacks of other factions who are not happy with Dutch Gang alone. Not only mammals, you will also find other species from birds, amphibians, reptiles, even giant snakes. Every one of them you can kill, skin, or just cook into food. The same variant also occurs in plants. Cool again? These animals are not static.

Nocturnal animals will be active at night, sound and howl as they should, creating a situation that is enough to make you worry. You also sometimes see predatory animals that hunt prey or just fight with each other. Rockstar even injected an animated battle between two male deer with horns stuck to create the sensation of the super realistic world.

Without compromise, as they always succeed in offering in all the open-world games they form, the quality of voice acting for all characters is worth the thumbs up. It’s crazy, considering you can interact with almost all existing NPC characters, each of them has a certain audio response even though it’s limited. While for characters who have big roles, antagonists or protagonists, present with charming voice acting. We fell in love with the fact that the Dutch’s Gang itself is multi-cultural so you can get different English accents in it, which of course is well presented. From Charles who had Indian blood, Hosea who sounded vulnerable and wise, to Sean – an Irishman who was drunk. Intonation, choice of sentences, until the dialogue that is born feels natural to the point that you feel like you are enjoying a movie.

What is more fantastic in terms of audio? Is how Rockstar also injects so much music and songs here. For those who float behind the scenes to strengthen cinematic sensations in some scenes that are formulated dramatically, to just “entertainment” songs sung by members of the Dutch’s Gang in camp when the party atmosphere occurs or because it is just drunk. Songs about revolutionary wars or just romance according to their standards are beautiful. But as we talked about before, considering that it has never been content that “must” be enjoyed, appreciation will grow according to how much you are interested in joining these NPCs. While for background songs that are injected in certain scenes? The quantity and quality is of course better than the first series.

So with all the things he offers here, it is very easy to conclude that the presentation offered by Red Dead Redemption 2 for visual and audio business is not only charming, but also stands high above the standards of many games, including those with even AAA levels. The details that he stretched out in many small things that gamers could just pass up seemed to be testimonials about hard work and how much attention they devoted to this one open-world game.

Hidup Seorang Koboi

Before we explore the depth of content that makes us choose the sub-titles above, it is certainly more rational to talk about what aspects of gameplay are offered by Red Dead Redemption 2. In essence, he still carries the concept of open-world games that you have known all along. This super wide world will present several icons to show you what you can complete or do to just deepen the story or push the progress of the game itself. The yellow icon means the main mission while the white icon means a side mission. All other icons will be related if they are not activities, will eventually become a particular store or service that you can access.

Those of you who have played the first Red Dead Redemption will not feel familiar with the essence of the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur Morgan shared skills and abilities similar to John Marston. With most disputes to be resolved by fighting firearms, you will be provided with various weaponry options from classic revolvers, repeaters, sniper rifles, to shotguns that will easily mutilate your enemies. You will also be equipped with Dead Eye capabilities that allow you to slow down time, set targets, and then allow selected weapons to pop their bullets. As predicted, Dead Eye will be the solution to many of the complicated situations you face, especially when you have to fight on horses or fast-moving trains.

One of the things that changed was the bar system which is now more complex than the first series. Instead of just a line, RDR 2 divides Arthur’s survival elements into two broad categories: Cores and Bars which are divided into three things – Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye itself. Cores that are logos in a circle represent the speed and effectiveness of regenerating each element, while Bars are resources that will run out and decrease every time you use each of these things. If Cores runs out, regeneration stops, then the Bars are not full by itself and will end up fatal for you. If the bars run out, as long as you don’t push them further and let the regeneration process run, then you will be fine. Outside of Dead Eye, the same thing happens for your horse.

It’s quite dizzying at the start of the game and you will begin to understand as the game progresses, this system also encourages you to actively carry out side activities for Arthur Morgan himself to simulate his life as a human cowboy. To meet Cores, for example, you can use the range of foods and drinks you find. You can also use the animal you just hunted and cook it in a campfire to restore it. Or you can rest, take advantage of baths in the city, or just pay a little money to make use of existing motels. Keeping these Cores and Bars will encourage you to mix “life and normal activities” for an Arthur Morgan.

The rest of course completes side and main missions that exist. But there is one element that will play a significant role here, namely money. Since money is the main storyline of RDR 2 and often serves as a reward for some of the main missions that you complete, you do need this resource to do many things, from buying and upgrading weapons, buying the best horse in stable, ensuring the number of bullets is always maintained, to finally pay your own Bounty head so that your life is calmer and endless continue to be hunted by bounty hunters. Money becomes a limited resource that will end up keeping you busy with various other activities.

Rockstar opens up so many options and freedoms for you to gain money and of course, while making it an extra busy activity outside just completing the main mission or side. There are many things you can do, from robbing wagons, hijacking and selling them, catching wild horses and taking them to the nearest stable, robbing any shops you find in the city, robbing trains that cross so many cities. There is an option to use a face cover that can help you hide your identity for a while until you will not reap a higher bounty. But remember, if you forget to take it off and take a walk in the city by using it, you will actually trigger suspicion from the local people. Deciding whether you have to take the risk of committing this crime for extra money is a dilemma that you must face while tasting RDR 2.

Because on the one hand, this game also introduces a Moral System that will affect the ending of the story like what you get. You can act as an outlaw who doesn’t respect life at all, but can also act as an outlaw who is kind and peaceful. This option is always available, considering that instead of killing, for example, you can use your lasso to catch and bind any lay person who blocks your crime. The good news? This system itself is fairly fair considering that morality will not decrease if you end up blowing up the heads of other people who really deserve to die, such as when saving the NPC from robbery or murder by bandits, for example. Determining whether reducing moral values ​​is appropriate for whatever robbery you do in the name of money also grows to be a consistent dilemma in RDR 2.

In the end, it does feel like a role-playing game. Not only through the moral system, but also through a system of response options for various existing scenarios. Which of course, will determine the moral value or story like what you get / miss. There are many critical moments where you have to choose one of the two available options and end up bearing whatever consequences you reap from it. Not all of these moments will produce a branch of story indeed, but at least enough to build Arthur’s “character” like what you want to form. Unfortunately, many moments like this lead to choices with overly clear black and white positions, such as when you have to choose between money or save your friend’s life, for example. Even though RDR 2 has a stronger potential to present stories and actions – memorable consequences if many of these choices are in the dilemmatic gray domain.

The rest? You can do various other activities that are not determined by the icon, main mission, or side mission. You can fish and try to get legendary fish, hunt legendary animals that only live in certain locations, just hunt animals and look for their skin for the crafting process or just get extra money, look for cards from cigarette packs or dinosaur bones to certain NPC characters, to look for bandit headquarters and clear all of them. In addition to the ability of Dead Eye, Arthur Morgan is also equipped with the ability called Eagle Eye which allows him to see traces of animals and plants which can be used to make Tonic or complementary dishes.

Since you are acting as a Dutch right hand man who in fact makes other gang members stand under your responsibility, you also have to contribute to ensuring that each of them lives properly, even though they are consistently on the run. This is where the new RDR 2 system – Camp moves. In essence, Camp needs three resources to “survive” – ​​food, bullets, and healing items. But surprisingly, it is not what you expect. We departed thinking that this Camp was a “burden” and failure to provide each of these resources would have killed one of its members. But unfortunately, it wasn’t that deep.

Camp ends up being a “provider” of resources for you. Food ingredients for example are related to the ability of Pearson to be able to cook the mainstay soup for other Camp members. The main purpose of this soup is actually that you can eat it as an item of healing Cores and outside bars just to rest. The bullet system and healing items are the same, because instead of being used actively by Camp members, he will have more role to provide both of these resources to be used by you. It’s a bit misleading at first, but you will understand that none of these are urgent as your game progresses.

Together with the money collected by Arthur Morgan during his trip, he can also contribute to adding shared money to Camp. The money can be used to present new features or make Camp feel more comfortable. You can upgrade Arthur’s “rooms” to present the Fast Travel system, bring extra docks to access the boat wherever you want, make a leather working place for Pearson to mix certain items, to just make the tents of other team members more comfortable. As far as we know and taste, there are no super negative consequences that can occur if you “ignore” Camp just like that. It’s just that you cannot reap a variety of positive benefits if you happen to come back and rest there.

In terms of gameplay, Red Dead Redemption 2 has not revolutionized much of what you know from open-world games so far. He carries a mechanical base that feels familiar with most open-world games, but now with a rich world. So what really makes it special? The key word – simulation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review: High Quality Simulation! #Part1

Rockstar Games, the name of this developer, does have strong associations with two words that often join in the same sentence: open-world and high-quality games. Almost all gamers seem to know this one image, especially after reflecting on the products they produced in the past. Therefore, it is not surprising that many gamers are waiting for the presence of Red Dead Redemption 2 which is finally available for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Anticipation is increasingly high after some information before the release provides a detailed picture of what Rockstar Games intends to pursue, including the controversy of solid working hours which increasingly emphasizes the issue of ambition and quality itself.

What’s interesting is the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 turns out to offer something different from most open-world games, even GTA. He offers the pace of the game that is so slow with a long story and strengthening gameplay mechanics that produce the taste of wild simulation of the western world that should be. The fact that finally made us, JagatPlay for the first time, had to concoct two separate preview articles for him. But the good news, like what you can expect from a Rockstar concoction game, Red Dead Redemption 2 looks stunning. It’s just that it is not an open-world game that you have known.

So, what is actually offered by Red Dead Redemption 2? Why do we call it a high quality simulation? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Apart from the number “2” that he stretched out, Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually a series of prequel from Red Dead Redemption 1. The story that was taken happened a dozen years before you played John Marston which began to age in his first series.

You act as an outlaw named Arthur Morgan who lives together in an alley led by Dutch. Living from a variety of criminal acts that seemed to be specialties from different members of Dutch’s gang, these mobs had to flee after their giant action at Blackwater which was supposed to be the end of everything, ended in disaster. Chased by authorities and bounty hunters, the Dutch’s Gang must flee to more western regions to survive. They have to start everything from the beginning.

As the right hand man who has followed the Dutch since adolescence, Arthur Morgan believes in Dutch vision and mission. The Dutch now only want to collect as much money as possible and bring the alley he leads, each of them, to get out of America and move to a tropical island to live in peace and quiet. Given that criminal actions were the only solution they could think of, the Dutch began to plan to collect the money. Everything is done together with Arthur’s help and advice from older members – Hosea. While on the other hand, other gang members also play an active role.

So as can be predicted, this Dutch vision is not that easy to realize. Apart from having to gather back the scattered members after what happened at Blackwater, they were not free from their fugitive status. One of the authorities that contained elite agents – The Pinkerton continued to hunt them down. Stuck between two different pressures, the Dutch had to keep trying to collect the money he needed while making sure the alley was not detected and caught by The Pinkerton. Situations that sometimes make the alley have to move.

So, can the Dutch fulfill their vision to bring all the gang members to relax on a tropical island? What is the role of Arthur Morgan in it as well? What challenges should they face? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing Red Dead Redemption 2 itself.

DOTA 2 Review: A More Perfect Version! #Part3

What Is Worth Expecting in the Future?

Even though Valve has officially released the DOTA 2 open beta and started releasing it publicly for any interested gamers, this does not mean you will find a final version that will no longer be contested in the future. Valve and IceFrog will consistently improve it from various sides. Integration with Steam will make things easier. No longer having to look for the latest update files like in the first series, Steam will automatically update every time Valve injects the latest patches in it. So what is worth anticipating from this series?

Even though he has released the open beta, Valve still hasn’t injected all the mainstay heroes from the first DOTA series. There are still so many heroes that have not been adapted in this latest series and it seems that they will only be present in the next few months, including iconic figures such as Teechies and Terrorblade. The number of items is more massive and of course the more announcer variants also seem to be injected. One is certain, seeing the habits shown during the beta period of one year, IceFrog will consistently carry out a better balancing process to ensure that each hero does not appear too dominant compared to the others.


One year since its inception, Valve showed their consistency in continuing to make DOTA 2 better than the previous period. Regular updates, visual and design overhaul for several characters, so that the commitment not to fall on the “Pay to Win” system has made this one MOBA game grow so massive, that it can capture millions of gamers around the world. Apart from the pessimism that had been shown at the beginning of its birth, DOTA 2 continues to perfect itself, even today. Balancing that continues to be spawned through various patches and item variants that now cover more characters, DOTA 2 has also succeeded in gaining popularity through a series of international tournaments that have become the lifeblood of this one game.

However there are some disadvantages that are worth noting. The process of adapting some iconic heroes that feels so slow makes the first DOTA veteran gamers have to be faced with more limited alternative choices. Not only that, Valve’s reward and punishment system also proved to be less effective in creating a healthier and friendlier community for newcomers. Another thing that is quite unfortunate is also located in the treasure lock mechanism that cannot be obtained only from battle. Throw so many chests into your loot without the chance to get a key besides buying it directly at the shop? These crates are like no rubbish of any value.

One year of beta with various adjustments does make DOTA 2 look more perfect. Consistency to progress and adapt to the wants and needs of gamers makes it one of the exciting MOBA – especially considering the fact that Steam and its community are counted in large numbers. Need a free competitive game? DOTA 2 can be an alternative choice that is too dear to miss.


  • A more refined visualization
  • Interaction between characters in the game
  • Consistency of patches and balancing from Valve and IceFrog
  • Set of items that can be obtained from battle
  • The opportunity to enjoy big tournaments live
  • The design of the hero offered
  • Voice acts for each unique character


  • The process of adapting some old heroes that are too long
  • Reward and punishment systems that are less effective
  • Key treasure chests that must be bought with real money
  • Folder settings without alternatives
  • Suitable for gamers: lovers of MOBA, veteran DOTA players, lovers of RPG action

Not suitable for gamers: owners of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 only, who are unhappy with competitive and rugged gameplay situations

DOTA 2 Review: A More Perfect Version! #Part2

Dynamic Interaction

One of the most interesting and amazing additional features of DOTA 2 is the fact that the hero you are currently using has its own “awareness” related to the battle environment that he encountered. Awareness? That’s right, if you are careful enough to listen to the pattern of conversations that glide like monologues of each character – then you will find that they often throw interactive comments with other characters, whether in the form of jokes or just insults.

No longer feels like an individual fighting alone, a feature like this leaves the impression that you are indeed engaged in a battle in a world that is connected to each other. Example? If Ursa succeeds in killing the Drow Ranger in the forest for example, then he will automatically mock Drow and claim to be the real ruler of the forest. This interaction also occurs when certain heroes manage to wear special items. As an example? Tinker will issue a comment “pewpewpew” when armed by Dagon. Little things like this make DOTA 2 look amazing compared to other MOBA games.

Some of the commands that you write in chat will also be translated as voice from the character you are using. Writing “Ty” will make your character say thank you, or just “lol” or “hahaha” to make them laugh instantly.

Free to Play – Without Implications on the Side of Gameplay

What is the meaning of a competitive game that brings massive team battles, if it is not present with a qualified hero balancing system. If only Valve or IceFrog is off guard and makes one or two heroes too over-power, then DOTA 2’s reputation as a fun competitive game will just collapse. This challenge is increasingly heavy considering that DOTA 2 will be distributed by Valve as a free to play game. The investment that continues to be raised during the development process and the growing number of servers along with increasing popularity makes Valve have to look for ways to benefit from concepts like this. Fortunately, this choice does not directly affect the existing gameplay side.

Video game development is not a charity work. This complex, resource-consuming process always leads to the same need: gain money and of course – profit from there. Valve seems to understand the consequences that must be faced from the free to play concept that they injected in DOTA 2. As a game that relies heavily on the balance of heroes in battle – imposing policies that look like “pay to win” is certainly a bad choice. Surviving what they promised from the beginning of the development process, they will also immediately ensure that all alternative heroes can be used from the start of the game, unlike some other MOBA games that require you to spend real money to open certain heroes. Therefore, the only way to get current profits lies only in the variants of cosmetic items offered.

With a store integrated in the game itself, you will see a myriad of equipment sets offered in a relatively friendly price range. For those who often taste DOTA 2, creating a more personal favorite character on the design side is of course a difficult offer to reject. Interestingly, Valve breaks down these equipment sets in a variety of separate items, allowing users to combine various equipment to create a more personalized design. Not just buying it at the store, you also have the opportunity to get each of these items randomly once you finish a battle.

Amazingly, Valve consistently “teases” you to buy these items with real money. Not only do you meet a team of friends or opponents who might wear it and look charming, you will also get a series of treasure chests that load these cool items randomly. Unfortunately, all these chests must be opened first with a key that can only be bought with real money – and will never fall randomly during battle. The more intense you play DOTA 2, the stronger your desire to buy these interesting items. A strategy that has so far proved quite successful.

DOTA 2 Review: A More Perfect Version! #Part1

A mod that has managed to attract millions of gamers around the world, Defense of The Ancients (DOTA) has indeed become a phenomenon. Changing the initial mechanics offered by Warcraft III, IceFrog injects a thicker RPG sensation by carrying battle heroes as the main focus. No longer having to mess around with the strategy of building units, gamers are now brought in a fast, intense, and surely PvP mode – adrenaline rush. Focusing on building character with their respective roles and playing the best role in team battles, DOTA is even recognized as one of the competitive games that are often competed in the international arena. It’s not wrong if Valve is interested in acquiring this one name.

Valve’s acquisition journey on behalf of DOTA is not an easy matter. Having experienced a conflict with Blizzard as the owner of Warcraft III, this feud fortunately ended peacefully. Valve had the opportunity to continue this ambitious project, offering various modifications on the visual side and of course a more balanced gameplay mechanic. Entering the beta process and successfully capturing hundreds of thousands of gamers during this process, Valve is finally ready to get out of this one phase. A year since the release of Betanya, Valve finally officially released DOTA 2 freely to the public. While making sure this transition process will not interfere with their experience that has entered into the beta period, DOTA 2 is finally open to every gamer through the F2P system that he stretches.

Considering the end of the beta period and its existence as an official game that is open commercially, this is the right moment for JagatPlay to cast some of the impressions that we have caught, of course – over the past year. What has changed? Become better or worse? Or is he still unable to subdue the popularity of the first DOTA?

Adapting to the New Visual Side

Trade rights in the name indeed forced Valve to make some adjustments, considering that the first version of DOTA was built from character models from several iconic Blizzard games – from Warcraft III to Starcraft. To ensure that their latest MOBA game does not continue to go through the legal process, Valve finally changed some significant aspects, especially on the cosmetic side.

One of the most significant changes is the character model used. Even though it comes with a much different model with a finer character, you can still find some of the main characteristics of the character that are retained from the first series. This concept makes it easy for first DOTA gamers to adjust quickly, especially those who are not yet familiar with the new designs of existing heroes. Not only from the character model, Valve also injects a more “general” name to prevent further problems.

This change in visualization is also applied to a variety of item designs and weapons offered at the store. It does take longer for gamers who are newcomers or those who have tasted the first DOTA to master this aspect more deeply. Not just learning the design of items and recipes, fortunately, a little helps from the explanations that are still included when you hover on each item, you also have to memorize the location of items that are now placed in different categories. Each hero will also present an item recommendation to maximize his best abilities, help newcomers to be able to master this game more quickly.

Changes in visualization also have a direct effect on the motion animation of each character that exists. It doesn’t have a big effect on the new DOTA players, but this animated change will force veteran players to adjust the rhythm of the gameplay again. While those who grew up together with other MOBA games, DOTA 2 might feel slower. Why is animation so significant? Because motion animation and attack will greatly determine how well you appear in DOTA 2. You make it a foundation for effective creeping and of course, make a more skillful combination of skills.

Valve might perfect the visual side for DOTA 2 to ensure this series is able to perform with more up-to-date technology and quality. But on the other hand, the presence of this feature certainly forces gamers to make some important adjustments – especially those who had tasted the first DOTA. While for newcomers in the MOBA genre and making DOTA 2 the first choice and present without knowledge, this change on the visual side will not have a significant effect.

Communities that Remain Not “Friendly”

What makes a DOTA MOBA game like this difficult to capture new players who have never tasted this genre before? Ironic indeed, but the biggest responsibility lies precisely on the shoulders of the community itself. Valve does not hesitate to claim that DOTA 2 is currently the game with the largest community on Steam, but on the other hand, this fact is a double-edged sword. Its massive popularity will probably attract the hearts of gamers who have never tried the MOBA before. But instead of welcoming them with open arms, the DOTA 2 community must be admitted, not that “good” community,

Anonymity in cyberspace combined with gameplay mechanics that really depend heavily on team-play and individual performance of each member, DOTA 2 will be a very uncomfortable home for newcomer gamers. Valve himself has injected tutorial modes and “bots” to help gamers get the right atmosphere of battle, but unfortunately – it is not strong enough to represent the battle conditions when dealing with other users. When newcomers often die or don’t make a significant contribution to battle, then various invocations and various degrading sentences will glide so easily on your screen. “Noob”, “Stupid”, up to a few more harsh words become a familiar sight.

Some gamers may see this aggressiveness and behavior as a spice of competition that will make the adrenaline pump more and more fast. But this viewpoint is not in line with what Valve himself wants. To ensure a healthier and friendlier community – they apply a system of reward and punishment based on votes and reports from gamers participating in the battle. You can praise and give certain points when you feel that your team members have succeeded in showing certain gameplay qualities, or you can also give negative points in certain categories as a form of punishment for gamers who are rude, abusive, and deliberately appear bad in the game. Consequences for them? Valve will give penalties within a certain period of time that will make the automatic search process much longer and longer than the harvesters under normal conditions.

Unfortunately, a mechanism like this does not seem effective to network and produce healthier communities. Valve did claim that the number of reports from gamers has declined with the progress of the beta. But Valve himself seems to forget, that this decline does not always mean that the DOTA 2 community is getting healthier. It is also possible that reports like this have dropped dramatically because the community itself has begun to accept the conditions of the DOTA 2 community that are unfriendly or see the reports they make as being not as effective as imagined.

Review of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG): Worthy Popularity! #PART3

Need Improvement!

Of course, despite all the things that he has offered in version 1.0 a week ago, PUBG itself is still not perfect. The good news? At least from the last few updates offered, the developer seems to understand this. They understand that this is a momentum of success that they should not underestimate. There is a ball of hull that they have to maintain on the field, requiring them to never touch the ground, whatever happens. Continuously monitoring the problem, presenting updates to patch, and also promising ongoing support in the coming years indeed strengthens the wave of optimism, that at least until there are more fantastic battle-royale games in the future, PUBG will last for a very long time.

So far, they have indeed done a fantastic task. Better optimization feels significant compared to when in the Early Access period, complete with visual enhancements that also look much more modern and spoil the eye, especially from the existing lighting effects. But it must be admitted, there are still many problems that still need to be dealt with seriously. Even though we ourselves never met in person, the reports on cheaters and bots continued to appear, threatening the fun of playing gamers who had dedicated their time to this one game. Active actions have indeed been taken, but not enough. The server problem that still appears at peak hours is understandable, but it can’t be ignored. Following the popularity and the money that keeps flowing in, PUBG has a hard job.

But for us personally, if you have to choose one thing that still interferes with the game is a hitbox problem that seems to still not be consistent. That taking into account physics and distance though, the bullets coming out of your muzzle can end up not producing any damage for no apparent reason. Even though you have clearly placed this target behind aiming at your weapon with dozens of bullets sliding in a fraction of a second. Sometimes finding them safe and instead turning around to kill you is a pretty annoying experience. The need to simplify the user-interface for faster inventory settings is also needed, given the various situations that require you to react and act effectively in seconds.

Apart from these problems, seeing the commitment shown by Bluehole Studio, we ourselves believe that this one studio will not be enough “crazy” to leave the PUBG just like that. Improvements and improvements in the future seem to be a sure thing. What becomes the question now is what kind of profit-making method they will apply later, especially considering that the final version release price that is maintained is the same as the comparatively affordable Early Access version. Will they sell Lootbox containing cosmetic items like DOTA 2 or Overwatch? Or are we going to face a system of paid seasons like Rainbow Six: Siege? Let’s just wait.


So apart from all the imperfections that he is still carrying out, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds indeed deserves to appear as one of the phenomenal games in 2017. That all the fantastic statistics that he managed to present throughout the year is the result of a combination of solid elements as an online multiplayer game, not just a matter of hype. A straightforward action game that asks you to survive and survive, in situations of combat that are never the same, with a system of punishment that is so minimal, addictive gameplay, a lootbox system that only contains cosmetic items, and update support that is consistently present. Reinforced at an affordable price, it’s like a temptation to keep calling your wallet to not just glance, but jump out and go into Steam to make it part of your game library in the end. He is a hype that is indeed commensurate.

However, PUBG remains an imperfect game. It will end up being a product that continues to evolve for Bluehole Studio to continue to be improved and developed in the future. But for now, there are some issues that are indeed worth discussing, from the unpreparedness of the server during rush hour, the problem of cheaters that still continues to dominate the discussion, until what we feel directly – hitbox is still not reliable. There is a significant problem on the content side, which is currently still limited, although potentially, it can continue to be developed to become a variety of extra-fantastic content, from just items to new gameplay modes.

At an affordable price for a super popular game and able to offer gameplay times from hundreds to thousands of hours without being easily repetitive, there is no reason not to glance at phenomenal games with this amazing multiplayer experience. Hopefully Bluehole Studio will consistently maintain this momentum by continuing to involve the community for feedback itself.


Fantastic audio design
An exciting and thrilling multiplayer experience
Need a strategy to win
Lootbox only contains cosmetic items
The price is quite affordable
Easy to master even beginner gamers


There are still technical problems
Need a more accurate hitbox
Suitable for gamers: those who have a reliable internet connection, need an addictive multiplayer game

Not suitable for gamers: those who want a realistic shooter experience, are not happy with open battles in large areas

Review of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG): Worthy Popularity! #PART2


The question is of course one, why is this game so popular? PUBG is actually not the first game to apply the genre of battle-royale. There are many other popular games that try to enter the same market, such as The Culling for example, but end up sinking quickly after reaching a high level of popularity quickly. After diving through a few hours of gameplay that has not ended in victory until now, there are several things that we think contribute to this sensation of addiction. First? Of course because he is a multiplayer game that contains 100 people at the same time, in a wide arena. That not only the concept of the open world opens up opportunities for so many strategies and movements, but because the battle scenario of 100 people will never produce one experience from one battle to another. What you get, like many other competitive multiplayer games, is a game that never feels the same, no matter how many times you try.

Bluehole Studio also makes this game have a reward mechanism that feels more valuable than the punishment you have to endure. The only punishment you have to “end up” after death is shame and regret because you are not careful, that’s all. You can go directly to the main Lobby (either solo or Squad) or watch your friends’ actions and talk (Duo / Squad) after being killed. If you want to proceed directly to the next match which is now supported by servers for various regions to ensure a faster and more solid multiplayer experience, you can do it. And during this process, no matter how bad your performance, you will still be “rewarded” with a number of in-game currencies that can be used to buy a lootbox containing various cosmetic items that can be used. The good news? Bluehole is also quite “generous” in distributing the lootbox.

The presence of 1.0 feature also adds a few extra functions that indeed make this experience even more interesting. First? Is Death Cam. No longer having to mess around with feeling curious about how you ended up dead and who actually took your life, “Death Cam” will show the action clearly. For those of you who want to record it for example, this game also provides a Replay feature that will automatically record your last moment for you to download.

But above all these facts, is the feeling that you always have room to grow and learn from your mistakes that make you want to go back to PUBG. That there is so much space to apply various strategies, learn to control the bullet path that you shoot, learn more effectively to collect the loot at the beginning, learn to determine the timing when to run or wait, or just want to test your drop fortune in the next battle. With minimal punishment systems and high rewards, there is no reason to keep plunging back, back and back. And so far, it has ended up being an effective strategy.

Fantastic Audio Design

If there is one thing that according to us deserves its own thumbs up and often fails to be talked about by many people, one of the attractions of PUBG is its fantastic audio design. Like most games, many gamers may be more tempted to talk about the implementation of Unreal Engine 4 as a base that indeed feels more optimal in the final version – 1.0 when compared to the Early Access version, for example. In fact, audio plays an important role in this game.

As a competitive multiplayer game that carries a massive arena without a clear clue where your opponents move, hide and act, for example, audio is the only clue you can use. Although the accuracy of gun sounds may be questioned by some gamers, these sounds become a kind of marker and reminder, as well as a clue for you to take the next maneuver. From just hearing the sound of shots and vehicles in the distance to getting an idea of ​​the source of a potential threat, and then deciding whether you should react or not, to just the sound of footsteps in one house that can clearly help you prepare for the enemy. Hearing and noticing the sounds that appear throughout the game will help you survive.

So from it, too, a sensation that you rarely find in multiplayer-based action games surfaces. A situation where silence will make you hear more clearly the source of the sound and also the potential to react more quickly, resulting in an atmosphere of tension that will be consistently present. You will automatically try to stand up and move as quietly as possible to make sure this audio clue is not overlooked or just overlooked, and ends up being one of the reasons why you lose. When the silence arrives, when you can feel how your chest tries to breathe as carefully as possible in order to pay attention to the potential threat that comes, when it is also PUBG audio design steal your heart.

Review of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG): Worthy Popularity! #PART1

When this review was written, it was almost impossible if you had never heard of the name Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds before, regardless of whether you have tasted it or not. How come? For the past half year, it has indeed become one of the hottest ingredients of conversation ever. An actual game that doesn’t carry a concept that is arguably truly revolutionary, is still in the Early-Access stage, but continues to get unstoppable attention and popularity. Many feel that the fact that it is one of the “favorite” games of many giant Youtubers contributes significantly to this, even though that is not the only reason. Addictive and solid gameplay for an unfinished game is also an effective driving wheel.

So slowly but surely, the game which is also often referred to as “PUBG” also emerged as a new king in Valve – Steam’s digital distribution portal. Starting from successfully attracting the attention of tens of millions of gamers to subdue the DOTA 2 and CS: GO class games as the game with the highest number of players together with a sharp enough difference. One thing that deserves a thumbs up is the commitment of the developer – Bluehole Studio to ensure this momentum does not stop and ends in failure, like many Early Access games in the past that also passed the same phase. Working hard by perfecting various features and injecting new maps to be enjoyed, PUBG finally officially released from the beta period a few days ago. Through a 12 GB “giant” update, he finally entered the final version. The same version that finally made us, JagatPlay, finally able to talk about this one game.

So, what is actually offered by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds? Why do we call it a game with equal popularity? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

What is PUBG?

This may be the question that arises in the minds of many gamers who do not feel interested in tasting the South Korean developer concoction game, despite its unstoppable popularity. In simple terms, PUBG is a competitive multiplayer game that makes “Battle-Royale” the main genre. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Battle-Royale itself was a popular classic Japanese film in 2000, which was adapted from a 1999 novel. He told of a group of young people who were placed on a remote island by the government with one main purpose – asking they fight to death with each other. Each of them got a random supply box containing weapons. And over time, the area of ​​”fighting” has also been reduced to ensure that these teenagers meet each other and kill each other. Battle-Royale became a classic series that seemed to be unfamiliar with many gamers growing up in the 2000s.

Of course, this is not Battle-Royale which is automatically adapted by Bluehole Studio just like that. What they offer here is a new competitive multiplayer game series that carries a similar concept in gameplay, which believes it or not is something that has tried to be adapted in the past, but has never succeeded. PUBG contains a battle of 100 people simultaneously in a large area, all of which come without any supplies. Each of them must strengthen and arm themselves with whatever they find in the arena, from just a frying pan for melee weapons, body armor to hold a bit of bullet speed, to heavy caliber firearms. Sometimes, you can also find water or land vehicles for extra mobility. Next? Like the film version that became its inspiration base, this game ended straightforward. You “only” need to endure to the end, and become the only survivor in the midst of this ferocious battle. There aren’t many opportunities to hide in just one place, because the area where you can move will also continue to be reduced as time goes by. What you find is a big arena that will continue to force you to deal with each other.

Straightforward, there is nothing more offered by PUBG besides this one sensation. The complexity factor of course will increase according to the mode you choose. Besides playing in Solo, you can also play in Duo format (2 people) and also Squad (4 people), either randomly or by inviting friends from your Friend List. Playing in a cooperative format like this is indeed more difficult, not only because your opponents will now move in a specific strategy format, but also the fact that you now have to think more than just your own safety. Do you have to share resources? Do you have to move together now? Do you need to surround the other team before your eyes using certain tactics? In fact, the smallest thing like where you jumped at the beginning also needed separate coordination. Playing this mode together with friends you already know rather than random will indeed make the playing experience more exciting and intense.

After several months of Early Access, switching to version 1.0 does offer maps and new features. One of the most essential new features is the ability to jump over existing obstacles through simple actions, after previously having to be done manually. On paper, it may sound insignificant, but when fighting in the arena, you will be able to feel how important this new feature is. For starters? With this function, you can now jump over building windows and enter the room for strategic reasons or just for surprise. This opens up so many alternative options that make the “campers” in the house for example, no longer able to stay still and sit guarding the entrance / exit only. More consistent and faster movement also allows movement to be more effective.

So this is PUBG, a competitive multiplayer game, which can be played solo or in groups, where you have to struggle to survive as long as possible in the arena. Randomness is still something that plays an important role here because you can end up lucky to get a series of weapons and essential equipment when you first fall, or end up unlucky and find nothing, making you like a prey waiting to be torn to pieces. But the innocence of the no-nonsense gameplay offered by PUBG is one of its main strengths.